Travel Overseas? Here's how to stop being woken by phone calls and never miss a call.

If you travel overseas often, you'll know how precious and fleeting sleep can be. Yes, traveling overseas for business seems glamorous. But the truth is that it's hard enough to sleep while your customers and colleagues are calling you non-stop as you try to rest for a full day of meetings. Sure you can shut off your phone, but you could miss critical calls which is just as unnerving. The stress to hit ever higher sales targets is enough to cause sleeplessness, let alone miss important customers' calls.
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Well, now there is a solution! has added a new "do not disturb" feature that sends calls to your voicemail during the times you specify. It senses your local timezone based on your computer's settings then routes calls appropriately to voicemail. Conveniently, you will be notified via email when you receive a voicemail. Now you can rest well knowing you are not missing important calls AND not waking up unnecessarily while on an overseas business trip.