Got Multiple SIMs? Here's how to get rid of them without ever missing a call!

Ahh. . . the SIM card, a nefarious, devilish little piece of plastic. How could such a tiny rectangular object be so hard to put in my mobile? Exert so much control and cost me so much? Never mind, getting that sucker out using a bent paperclip that I actually needed.

If you travel like I do, you may end up with five like me, switching them in and out on the tarmac waiting to taxi to the gate. In some parts of Asia, it's a must if you want to have the luxury of getting to your hotel as the receptionist needs to tell the driver how to get there. But there's a problem with multiple SIM cards, you don't receive calls from the one that's not installed. Of course, there is an easy solution, carry multiple phones. Ah yes, of course, so I can lug more devices around that need a charger -and, it most certainly takes a different charger. That's why phone companies invented the dual SIM phone. Still a bit of an issue for me as they don't make five slotted ones.
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Say goodbye to those bits of plastic, now there is a better (and cheaper) way. The boys at just launched their app on Apple and Android. It can hold all your numbers (and I mean unlimited phone numbers) in one phone as virtual SIMs. Just search for the number you want, hit purchase and begin talking immediately. Though, you must sign-in with an existing subscription account.

You can now land in Tokyo, buy a Tokyo number and take calls immediately. Give the number out to customers as the calls will come through your Bizbuzz account or forwarded to your mobile when you go back home. Best of all, you are only charged for a local call. One word of caution, it requires data. If you are on a different country SIM card you will use your roaming data -so be careful. But the many benefits surely out-weigh the drawbacks. Now you can receive all your calls, from all your "SIMs" and pay local rates.

Furthermore, since it's on the Bizbuzz system you can get extensions for the whole company so anyone can use the same numbers in or out from their mobile -SAVING A TON OF MONEY. The app is only available in iOS at the moment but an Android version will be out soon.